U.S. Senate Candidate Christina Grigorian Offers Four-Step Program for Maryland

Christina Grigorian says that as a first generation American, wife, mother and practicing lawyer, she has already lived the American Dream. Now, she is running for the U.S. Senate to represent the people of Maryland. 

During her 21 years as a lawyer, Grigorian says she has “watched as our Congressional representation stood on the sidelines during important debates about the lives and jobs of Marylanders. But now, I am willing to stand up and say to the people of Maryland, ‘We can do better.’”

Her four-step program to address significant issues facing Maryland includes the following:

 (1) Promoting Economic Growth – The "jump start" to our economy sparked by recent federal tax cuts and Governor Hogan's strong commitment to making Maryland "open for business" marks a watershed moment for business expansion and job creation in the state. We must now build on this momentum to transition Maryland into a world class economy, with further investments to advance our high-tech, life sciences, and military and defense industries, while also preserving our traditional industries in manufacturing and agriculture.

(2) Public Safety – From gang activity to opioid and heroin addiction, law enforcement agencies need more resources and tools to ensure that Maryland families are safe in their neighborhoods and homes. We must also adopt sensible legislation that balances well-established Second Amendment rights against the need for stronger background checks and other measures to keep dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands.

(3) Transportation – The vibrancy of our state's economic engine depends upon a transportation network that is reliable, adaptable and consistent with a commitment to environmental sustainability. With strong federal representation, we can bring a leading-edge transportation system to Maryland.

(4) Education – A quality education is the cornerstone of success in the New Economy. Maryland's children deserve a 21st century education system that allows them to thrive in the classroom, in the art room, and in the lab.

Grigorian stresses that "Marylanders deserve energy, ideas and innovation from its U.S. senators as we navigate together the next six years,” adding that “The citizens of this state, from the Eastern Shore to the Alleghany mountains, care about their jobs, their families and their neighbors. By electing me as the next U.S. senator representing Maryland, they will have a tireless advocate who is passionately committed to ensuring that Maryland's voice is finally heard in Washington."

While Grigorian says she passionate about the four central legislative priorities at the heart of her campaign, two recent legislative developments finally compelled her to jump into this election campaign.

The first was Sen. Cardin’s stunning abdication of his responsibility to the people of Maryland by following the lead of Sen. Schumer (D-NY) and refusing to support federal tax reform, despite the fact that, according to Maryland’s Comptroller, it will cut federal taxes for more than 70 percent of Marylanders for a total savings of $2.8 billion in 2018 alone.

The second issue relates to the U.S. Senate’s lack of action on immigration reform and border security. My father came to this country at the age of 16 with $10 in his pocket and a command of the English language limited to one word: “Hello.” More than any other candidate, I understand the issues related to the promise that those who come to this country hold dear – a belief that if they work hard, they will create a better future for those who come behind them.

Now, we have a stalemate on moving forward with necessary border protections because Sen. Cardin and other Democrats are unwilling to work across the aisle to support the most basic, common sense border security and immigration reform measures. Putting party politics above Marylanders’ interests and failing to take an active role in this issue isn’t representation – it is an abdication of your responsibility to your electorate.

I know the people of Maryland: they work hard during the day, come home to spend their evenings with their families, and then say a short prayer before going to sleep to thank God for the day that was and the continued health of their children. And it is their sense of promise in the day to come that allows every Maryland citizen to get up the next morning and do it all over again.

Those are the Marylanders I know. And I look forward to representing them in the United States Senate.


Montgomery County Republican Party