Update on County Executive Marc Elrich

By Dennis Melby

It’s a well-known fact that change doesn’t happen overnight.

So, first things first: Our Concerned Citizens rally on September 13, 2019 raised awareness about our fight to end Montgomery County’s non-cooperation with ICE and protect our families and children from illegal immigrant criminals preying not only the immigrant community but society at large.

Then came the petition to rescind the order for all Montgomery County agencies to not cooperate with ICE, and the terrible national press coverage on further efforts to make Montgomery County a sanctuary county

Finally . . . . at last …… County Executive Mark Elrich actually opened up a little and focused bit by bit on the fiasco he had created.

He tweaked the order a bit in order to allow ICE officers with detainers access to some limited areas of the Montgomery County Jail, allegedly to allow criminals to be taken by ICE instead of being released to the same immigrant communities they had preyed upon.

But this wasn’t meant to be a breakthrough…. Because at virtually the same time, he openly denounced the gift of a “Thin Blue Line” flag to the Germantown police station and prevented its display, calling it “a symbol of dismissiveness.”  

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan responded to Elrich’s standoff by saying that “We are proud to hang these Thin Blue Line flags in Government House to honor our brave law enforcement officers. A local elected official prohibiting police from displaying a flag given to them by a grateful child is disgraceful.”

The Montgomery County Republican Party believes that the constant denigration of the county police and law enforcement community is indeed a disgrace. We are committed to the protection of all communities in the county and will continue to work to that end.  If you’d like to support us in those efforts donate here (donate here)

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