We Are United

We are united. Our Montgomery County community, our State, our nation and the world have been affected by the COVID-19 virus. For most of us, this virus has upended our lives.

Governor Larry Hogan and his administration have made many difficult decisions to forestall greater harm. President Donald J. Trump, his crisis task force lead by Vice President Pence, along-side a team of world-renowned medical experts with the entire US government, are navigating uncharted waters to fight COVID-19.  All these efforts are aimed at returning us to health, safety and prosperity as quickly as possible. 

I expect that the next week may be the most demoralizing for many. While our Governor is ahead of the curve taking protective measures, there is roughly a five-day delay  in seeing test results nationwide. We may not see the positive effect of these measures for a week or more – but, while we wait, stay strong in the knowledge that they are working.

We too need to do our part by practicing social distancing and following the advice medical experts give us. For up-to-date guidance, go to the MD Department of Health website:  Click Here

I and the members of the Republican Central Committee of Montgomery County stand with you.  Our commitment is to work with the Governor and the President to keep our community safe and protected until this health emergency subsides. We at MCGOP will look for new and creative ways to continue our mission without being able to knock on doors, do outreach at community events, provide volunteer training, or host fundraisers.

Together we will soon return to the vibrant, active community we love. Until then, you, your family and friends are in our hearts and prayers. United, we will beat this.

Alexander Bush, Esq.
Chairman, MCGOP

Montgomery County Republican Party