We Deserve Better

We deserve better in Montgomery County.

It’s six months into 2021 and our kids have been subjected to a year of screen time - and some grudgingly provided in-person schooling. Crime, car jackings and violence are increasing, drug deaths and suicides are at a high, and all the leaders from the other Party seem to care about is more funding, pushing Critical Race Theory and Defunding the Police.

The County Executive’s budget includes cuts to the police to eliminate five SRO’s at a cut of over $550,000 but includes an addition of about that much for an  “Inmate Advisory Council”; $175 million in a previously sun-setted (temporary) energy tax; $1,331 million in property tax; and $18 million in traffic cameras. Also let us not forget the bag tax, recordation tax and of course the $99.7 million that they make from liquor sales. Do you feel like an ATM?

The other Party is finally calling out the recent, increased scourge of violent anti-Semitism. Attacks on Synagogues and our Jewish citizens have no place in Montgomery County, our State, our Nation or any civilized place. It’s clear to us, but many - urged on by politics, the far-left and social media, seem to think hatred is welcome and appropriate.  It is not.

Our Republican voices are together, loud and clear… Get the kids back to full time quality education, Defend the Police, keep the School Resource Officers to protect our students, teachers and schools from unknown mayhem. We need leaders in local Government that exercise their fiduciary duty to the citizens of the county - and not their personal social engineering agenda.

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Reardon “Sully” Sullivan, PE

MCGOP Chairman

Montgomery County Republican Party