We Stand With You

By Dennis Melby

Part of our American Experience is welcoming legal immigrants. So many are now Republican voters. And so many are confused. They often fled horrible circumstances in their home country-fleeing socialism, communism, one party dictatorship, failing schools, crime, poverty and perverse government policies.

And now many of them are perplexed – what are you doing to your own country, they say. Hatred based on skin color, gender, income, religion and so much more. It’s what we left and you’re encouraging that same hatred and division here.

We get the same stories from new Republicans from Africa, China, North Korea and throughout the Latino and Hispanic world. And we hear you. We’ll stand up for what’s right, what’s true and what’s good. And if we have to stand alone so be it,  …but that’s not the case. More and more folks are joining us and standing up to those who’d like to “reimagine America” out of existence.

Thanks for joining us and standing with us.

We stand with you.


Dennis Melby is the Vice Chairman of the Montgomery County Maryland Republican Party and can be reached at [email protected]

Montgomery County Republican Party