Support Dan Cox & Gordana Schifanelli

After a well fought Republican primary, the voters have chosen Dan Cox and Gordana Schifanelli as their Governor and  Lieutenant Governor team. Every Republican must support them in the face of a far-left WOKE and well-financed “progressive” ticket of Wes Moore and Aruna Miller.

Moore and Miller want to turn Maryland into a poster for far left ideas. Put public safety on the back burner, defund and disrespect the police, continue support for masking, opening us up to vaccine passports and continued Zoom schooling of our kids. They propagate the heightening of racial tensions and gender confusion in our schools and continued rhetoric in the business community that will cost us jobs.

While Moore wants to use the office for national attention, Miller wants to use it for equity, radical transformative programs to make us the envy of our decaying west coast. They feel no qualms about the decline of public safety, prosperity, wage growth and educational excellence. They will just redefine and reimagine to suit their agenda.

But there’s another way - as our neighbors in Virginia have shown in electing Glenn Youngkin and Winsome Sears - we too can reverse this trend. The majority of Marylanders also want a less radical, center-right approach. Folks who’ve arrived to join our country from all over the world know that what we have is best, and they all know why they left their rapidly failing countries.

We have the chance in our Montgomery County to catch our breath, halt the slide to the decaying left, and vote for Republican candidates across the board. All of Maryland is counting on us. We have a duty to secure our values and blessings of our liberty. Through our elected representatives we, together, have to ensure equal rights under the law for all Marylanders regardless of anyone’s race, gender or national origin. Our values are universal. Our candidates are not extreme, no matter what some say.

As one people under God, it is our sole responsibility to ensure that dangerous progressive ideologies do not destroy what our forefathers fought to secure. Your participation in the General Election is essential. Your vote for all Republican candidates up and down the ticket is essential. Our children cannot afford that we lose this election, and we must do everything in our power to mobilize every freedom-loving person regardless of their race, religion, or party affiliation. We need your vote.

The Republican Party of Montgomery County, Maryland

Montgomery County Republican Party