What, Me Worry?


By Lori Jaffe

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich stands fearlessly in the face of potential cyber threats and terrorism. But is he really fearless, or just an older version of Alfred E. Neuman, the Mad magazine character known for the phrase, "What, me worry?" Elrich has been traveling around the world welcoming a variety of countries to come on over and burrow into our homeland. All are welcome. This blind allegiance to the Left’s agenda must stop if we are to keep what’s left of our sovereignty. You can help the Committee for Better Government limit Marc Elrich to two terms, but you must act soon. Ten thousand valid signatures must be gathered by August 2024. (See below).

As Clean Slate MoCo reports, “Four years ago, Elrich claimed he wanted to improve the reputation of the county among businesses. Now he’s all the way in China trying to recruit.” Yes, Elrich has been (13:45) talking with countries, including China, which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Countries like China may want to come here for, well you know, bioscience opportunities. According to CNN, “There have also been longstanding concerns from the international community about China’s use of genetic data in policing – especially after reports that authorities were collecting DNA samples and other biometric data from millions of residents in the far-west region of Xinjiang, home to the Muslim Uyghur community and other ethnic minorities. China has long faced accusations of human rights violations in Xinjiang, which it has repeatedly denied.” (12:00) A Uyghur father watching his daughter, from whom he has been separated by the CCP, says “What kind of country does this to innocent people?”

Zhang Zhan, a Chinese blogger who filmed the Wuhan lockdown, would probably warn Mr. Elrich to stay away from the CCP. She would know, having been imprisoned for four years “for the crime of ‘picking quarrels and provoking trouble,’ a frequent charge against activists in China.” Ms. Zhang was freed recently so she might be available for a meeting.

China may also be interested in light manufacturing like building (15:59) antennas for satellites. China knows all about making things float through the air. According to CBS News, in February 2023, China acknowledged that a high-altitude balloon spotted over the U.S. did belong to Beijing, but that it was a civilian device “used for scientific research such as meteorology.” But a senior defense official said that the Defense Department was “confident” that it was a Chinese surveillance balloon. Nothing to see here.

As our County Executive explains (15:22), many of our county residents work for our federal government. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful opportunity for the CCP to observe our workers, you know, just to see how we do things? In 2015, China was suspected of hacking the United States Office of Personnel Management and the Interior Department. The chief strategy officer of the network security software company Xceedium said, “This is an attack against the nation.” “…(he) said the attack fit the pattern of those carried out by nation states for the purpose of espionage. The information stolen could be used to impersonate or blackmail federal employees with access to sensitive information…” Again, nothing to worry about.

Actually, one must admire Elrich in a way. In Communist China, he has found a partner where he can engage in “one stop shopping.” He has found one place for all of our bioterror, espionage, and cyber-hacking needs.

Marc Elrich wants to run for a third 4-year term as County Executive in 2026. Should you trust his instincts? Do his potential business partnerships make you worry? Please volunteer to hold him to two terms.


Lori Jaffe is the Party Secretary for the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, volunteer coordinator and Member of the Executive Board. She can be reached at [email protected]

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