Where was the Racism?

By Hessie Harris

The Left’s penchant for trying to discredit and shame anyone who does not spout their narrative, promote their goals, and fit their proscribed image has reached a new low.

At a recent presidential briefing, Surgeon General Jerome Adams responded to a question by a reporter asking about the devastating impact that the coronavirus has had on minority communities. He stated that the matter was being looked into. He also noted, as had Dr. Fauci previously, that some blacks and Hispanics often have underlying conditions that make them more vulnerable. He advised that the risk could be reduced if minorities would refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking and using drugs so as not to even more negatively affect underlying conditions and increase their vulnerability to the virus.

At that point, Yamiche Alcindor pounced.  She is a PBS reporter and self-appointed vocabulary constable, who consistently alleges racism in response to nearly every statement made either by the president or his expert team, whenever she is called upon to pose a question.

She took this opportunity to accuse Dr. Adams of being racist by saying that minorities should refrain from taking those actions instead of not initially saying all Americans should refrain from them.

At first, it was being suggested by the previous reporter that this health concern of minorities was being  ignored, subtly suggesting racism.  However, when Dr. Adams focused  his remarks on minorities by making suggestions for their benefit,  Ms. Alcindor deemed that to be racist.  According to her, it was unfairly singling out blacks. He responded that he was not doing that and said it applied to all Americans with underlying conditions.

However, Ms. Alcindor was not finished with her attack. She accused Dr. Adams of being racist when he noted that older people are especially vulnerable and therefore suggested that the precautions suggested for minorities would thereby benefit older relatives such as their Abuela, Big Mama, Granddaddy and Pop-Pop.  Those words are terms of endearment and identification for grandparents that minorities often use. Others said he was condescending, hence racist.

The accusations made against Dr. Adams were not only specious, but downright ridiculous.  What the Leftists were really angry about is that he did not fit their approved mold or deliver their standard narrative of victimology.

The fact that he had the temerity to be an accomplished, competent, articulate, knowledgeable professional, speaking authoritatively, clearly demonstrated that he was not an affirmative action hire. 

And that’s not all.

Concerned about possible responses to his comments, Dr. Adams reviewed his planned remarks with the NAACP before delivering them and received their approval. The fact that he had covered all the bases probably embarrassed the Leftists, who had not done so. 

They were also annoyed that his message suggested that minorities would benefit by taking more responsible actions to improve their health and that of their families. After all, Leftists discourage making positive suggestions to minorities, which could inspire them to pursue more fulfilling and independent lives that would release them from their dependence on government.

Dr. Adams has not allowed the desired shaming by defending himself or his actions. In an interview, he stated that it was shocking that his words were willfully misportrayed and mischaracterized by so many in the establishment media.

Dr. Jerome Adams

Hessie Harris is Co-chair of the Black Republicans of Montgomery County, a member of the Potomac Republican Women’s Club, the Chevy Chase Republican Women’s Club and Help Save Maryland.

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