Why Don’t MOCO Officials Practice What They Preach?

By Gail Weiss

At the community picnic in Wheaton that I attended on Sunday, September 22nd, I stopped by a booth that had a brochure on “Hate Violence” from the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights and Human Rights Commission. In this brochure it describes what a “hate crime” is, as well as “hate-motivated acts” that do not rise to the level of a hate crime but is an act that still leaves one feeling victimized, so says the brochure. “Name-calling” is one example they give.

If we are to believe that this county policy is sincerely held by our county officials, then how do they reconcile referring to their own county citizens as “neo-Nazi sympathizers” in their September 5th press release just because citizens spoke out against a very controversial  (and possibly unconstitutional?) county policy of giving “sanctuary” to illegal aliens?

To paraphrase former President Obama, the County Council acted stupidly. The Council’s use of this utterly vile term in an official press release to describe their own constituents – many of whom are Jewish - merely for voicing opposition to an ill-advised sanctuary policy, is not only a violation of their own “name-calling” prohibition, but it also helped increase the size of largest rally in recent memory in Montgomery County.  That rally was held just one week after that press release, on the steps of the County Council Office Building, to publicly protest the sanctuary policy that led to nine rapes being reportedly committed in the previous month by illegal aliens on victims as young as six years old.

The arrogance and tone-deafness of our county elected officials – Democrats every one – are the ones who must own these heinous rapes and sexual assaults that were committed in their jurisdiction, on their watch. As elected officials, they have the authority to choose to work cooperatively with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, to safely and expeditiously remove these criminal illegal aliens from our midst. But regrettably, they either lack the sense to do so, or are so wedded to their political ideology that victims of criminal illegal aliens are merely unfortunate collateral damage. 

Frequently, the victims of criminal illegal aliens are other illegal aliens and legal immigrants within their communities, so who exactly do the County Executive and Council members think they are protecting with their sanctuary policies? I doubt that any of the rape victims feel safer as a result of those policies being in place. 

How many more victims will there needlessly be before the elected officials in our county start executing the oath that they took to follow both the state and federal Constitutions? Or instead, will they continue the childish name-calling against those who have a very valid basis for criticism? 

Montgomery County citizens and immigrants alike, are watching. . . 

Montgomery County Republican Party