Wednesday August 23 is Poll Worker Recruitment Day

In all the major democracies people watch each other to make sure the vote is fair and honest. Republicans have to do the same. Registrations in Montgomery County are almost 6 to 1 non-Republican. If there aren't enough Republican workers they'll still have the election, just pair up Independents with Democrat poll workers. Not the best option. We NEED folks to work.

Although these are volunteer positions they pay a stipend for the work. Though it’s typically a long day, shorter shifts and many different jobs are available. You should find something you can do - to help guarantee the vote is fair, all legal votes are counted and the ballots are secure. We NEED you.

Check HERE, see what you can do and sign up with the Board of Elections to help run a free, fair and timely election. Visit a MoCo Library on Wednesday August 23 to find more info.

The Montgomery County Republican Party

Montgomery County Republican Party