Working for a Congressman

I cannot explain the amazing privilege I feel every day working in Congress. Not only do I have a job where I can provide for myself, but one with perks completely like no other. I have a 24/7 badge that allows me to admire the beauty and craftsmanship of our Capitol and I give tours to my boss’s constituents so they too can marvel at the history and architecture.

I fulfill flag requests to my boss’s constituents so they too can have the honor of flying a flag which was flown over our Capital. And most of all I get to talk to Constituents, hear their frustration or sometimes get them help with our boss’s caseworkers.

As a plus I often get to see the interactions between my Boss and his constituents. He takes them seriously, listens to their concerns, tries to get other folks in the government to help them and follows up – and we staff members help with whatever helps him help them!

I’m learning a lot from him, his staff and so many other folks here on the Hill - while enjoying working in “The People’s House”. And I’m not alone, so many staffers here on the Hill either are from or live in Montgomery County – as a Republican I’m amazed at how important our support is and how many of us there are. If you’re from MoCo and work on the Hill let me know. And tell me if you are able to accomplish as much and enjoy it as much as I do.


Arthur Didinsky from Potomac, Maryland works on the Hill as a Staff Assistant for Congressman Ryan Zinke and is a member of the Communications Committee of the Montgomery County, Maryland Republican Party. He can be reached at [email protected]

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