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The Hidden Opinions of Conservative Students - Stuck in the Liberal Dominated Educational System 

At a time of hyper politics and social media, the younger generation has never been so informed and a part of the political conversation, despite not being able to vote. Yet our world has never been so divided, making, and breaking relationships across the United States as political parties become more divided and super sensitive to every subject.

Many argue that the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election sparked “emotions and rage” throughout the world, and it continues to pick up a pace faster than the autobahn. One study claims that the world’s sea levels rose 2 feet due to the number of tears shed on that election night! 

This uncompromising, liberal dominated, media driven world we live in today makes it extremely challenging to voice your opinion, especially if they happen to go against “popular belief”. 

Being a Republican in a liberal dominated area is hard enough. Now add on attending a liberal dominated institution such as The Landon School for Boys, where Republican ideas and beliefs are deemed unacceptable and racist. Most teachers and students at the school lean left and shun anyone who has even a toe over to the Right. We are banished from their lives and characterized as an unintelligent cult with a propensity towards sparking violence.

In the Landon world students are very much afraid to express their conservative ideology and beliefs in fear of getting a bad grade from liberal teachers and concern for being singled out and berated publicly.  In the Landon Young Republicans Club a poll was taken that found 100% of students will skew their opinion when writing or speaking in class to follow the popular liberal line of thought in hopes of getting a better grade. These actions not only teach kids to lie, but also ignite fear of voicing their opinion on most topics. This also teaches them that being a Republican and going against the popular belief is unacceptable and they will be penalized for doing so. 

Being located in the DC area makes Bethesda a hotspot for politics and fills neighborhoods with politically oriented flags and signs. It is very difficult and stressful to hide in a community when your views challenge those dominant in the area. Republicans know full well that our signs
don’t last long in yards or on vehicles. Going directly against the Landon School Honor Code, as interpreted by liberal teachers and administrators, has similar repercussions for Republican students.

The idea of standing out is not one that ends well for many students. How sad that students must essentially lie about their beliefs to get the A, pass the class, or be favored by the teacher.

Earlier this year one student, a senior, was asked to cover up his tattoo to continue playing on the Landon water polo team. The tattoo which reads “Make America Great Again” is located on the upper leg thigh and not visible during games in the pool. No matter, it was found unacceptable
and triggering for opposing the political beliefs of the Landon School, team, and coaching staff.

The student refused and as an act of courage decided to stand true to his beliefs and sacrifice his position on the water polo team. This is a situation no student should be put in.

Shame on the Landon School for persecuting those with different political views.


The writer is a student at The Landon School for Boys in Bethesda, Maryland and chooses to remain anonymous.

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