Capitol Hill Rally

My name is Randy Silbert and I’m a fellow patriot that has attended all 3 Trump Rally’s over the past 2 months. I’ve enjoyed the rally’s and it has been a pleasure to be surrounded by so many true patriots and realizing that these rally’s are all for the love of the USA. The gatherings were all completely peaceful, and this  past one on January 6th seem to be the largest of the 3. I was there and I heard Rudy Giuliani speak, and then I listened intently to what President Trump had to say.

Towards the end of his speech, I decided to depart the rally as I had been there for several hours and provided what support I felt was adequate. I was with my 15 year old son as well as a lifelong friend who is 58 years old. We headed back to the Metro and around 2:30 I received a call from sister over her concern about the storming of the capitol building, which came as a complete shock to me.

After thinking about this subject for a while I could not help the bad feeling that had overcome me as I realized that Trump had gotten duped one more time from the democrats. How many of the Trump rally’s in the past were perpetrated by angry spectators who it turned out were part of the democrats plan to sabotage these perfectly peaceful functions. And of course Trump never gets a fair shake with the media, and this situation has now advanced to a very ugly state with Pelosi and Schumer attempting to impeach the president one last time. 

I have lived in MD since I have been 10 years old and I am now 63, and have owned a national automotive marketing company for the past 33 years. I have enjoyed my life in Maryland, but with the political parties being so far divided it is real hard to not think about moving to Florida, where a political party of my affiliation surrounds me.


Montgomery County Republican Party