County Executive Elrich's Political Stunt Makes MoCo Less Safe

The Montgomery County Republican Party believes County Executive Elrich has just made the County less safe by issuing an executive order yesterday preventing county agencies from cooperating with ICE. 



County Party Chairman, Alexander Bush, said, "If you take politics out of the decision, it quickly becomes apparent that one government agency refusing to share relevant information about law enforcement activities with another government agency makes no sense." ICE has made clear that their enforcement operations are prioritized to focus on criminals, not peaceful undocumented individuals.

So long as enforcement does not include targeted courthouse arrests of crime victims, a policy of cooperation will only make Montgomery County safer.  In fact, President Obama stated in a 2014 address on immigration that he had increased the deportation of criminal immigrants by 80%.  Viewed in this light, Chairman Bush noted, "Elrich’s political stunt is all about opposing a President he hates, even at the risk of the safety of Montgomery County residents."

Montgomery County Republican Party