Sanctuary State

Maryland Democrats Try Again To Create Sanctuary State 

By Brad Botwin

House Bill 338 “Criminal Procedure-Civil Immigration Enforcement-Restrictions”House Bill 403 “Immigration Enforcement –Public Schools, Hospitals & Courthouses-Policies”

House Bill 677  “Correctional Services-Immigration Detention-Prohibition- (so-called)Dignity Not Detention Act”

Gun Control Bills

“Virginia’s (and Maryland’s) Gun Control Bills Won’t Stop Criminals” (according to the Law Enforcement Community)

By Bill Richbourg

As packages of strict gun control proposals are working their way through the respective state legislatures, members of the law enforcement community are beginning to voice their opinions on the impact of these proposals, if enacted.

Nearly a dozen current and former members of law enforcement told The Epoch Times that passing more legislation will do “nothing to stop criminals from committing crimes…” Almost universally, they said that the nation’s focus should be on the root of these problems, including addressing the mental health crisis that has precipitated most of the mass shootings in this country.


Higher Taxes again

Making Maryland non-competitive, one tax at a time

By Stephen J.K. Walters, Ph.D. Feb 21, 2020

It’s a political cliché:  when you want to find money to throw at a favored interest group, “don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree.”  In Annapolis, legislators have finally come clean and ID’d that fellow.  He or she is your hair stylist, accountant, lawyer, plumber, mortician, shoe shiner, electrician… and on, and on.

 That’s the plan to use tax dollars to buy the votes of teachers unions and education bureaucrats pursuant to the “Blueprint for Maryland’s Future” (a.k.a. “Kirwan Plan” for school reform), the 10-year cost of which totals at least $31.9 billion – but which is certainly much, much more once advertised “savings and offsets” fail to materialize and massive new pension obligations kick in.


Turning Point

By Bill Richbourg

Have we reached a turning point in America, the point where we must decide whether we are going to be a Judeo-Christian, free country or a secular and statist country? 

Baltimore: On the Cusp of a Catastrophe?

By Stephen J.K. Walters, Ph.D.

Suddenly it’s 2020, which means… census time!  Exciting if you’re a numbers nerd like me, probably boring to most.  For Baltimoreans, though, there’s a crucial question:  what if this census reveals that people continue to flee the city?  The last inter-census estimate in 2018 had us at 602,495, the lowest count in over a century.  What if things get worse?

A Sow's Ear?

By Dennis Melby

Remember the old proverb, “Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”?  Well, we Republicans do well at husbanding our money, donations are so important and we stretch and use them well, on important things like communication and elections.  Headquarters? Not so much.

Stop the Madness

By Chairman Alexander Bush

"Two fellows in the Soviet Union are walking down the street. One asks the other, 'Have we reached full communism? Is this it? Is this true communism?' And the other replies, 'Hell no, things are gonna get a lot worse.'"

— Ronald Reagan, telling a joke he got from a Soviet official.

The Great Communicator could have been talking about Montgomery County. What a year 2019 has been. Our county leaders – detached as they are from reality – think they can check off box after box on their progressive checklist without consequences. 

Are Hispanics Conservative?

By Ray Serrano, PhD, MPH

Ronald Reagan knew a thing or two about Hispanics.  As president, Reagan often noted, “Hispanics are conservatives.  They just don’t know it.”  He was right.  For my family, conservatism summed up our deep commitment to faith, family, and hard work.

Ranked Choice Voting

By Patricia Fenati

Several years ago, we went to a large granite warehouse to choose a piece of granite for our kitchen counter. When we found a piece that we loved, we asked to have it shipped to the company that was installing our cabinets and cutting the counter tops. However, the salesman told us that we had to make a second choice. “Why?” we asked… “Because that is our company rule,” he replied.

Celebrating the Best of Montgomery County

By Ann Guthrie Hingston

The film Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in his Own Words opens in theaters around the country on January 31, 2020.

Although Justice Thomas has served on the U.S. Supreme Court for 27 years, a great deal about him is still unknown to the public.  He seldom speaks from the bench, having chosen instead to express himself through 600 Supreme Court opinions, 30 percent more than any other sitting justice.

Montgomery County Republican Party