Note from Maryland GOP

By Adam J. Wood
Wes Moore said a lot during his State of the State address, but we know better - his rhetoric doesn't match his agenda. 
There was a lot of talk about education and opportunities for education. While this is a goal most can agree on, Governor Moore left out of his speech that his budget cuts the BOOST program by 20% - leaving low-income and minority students with fewer options. 
While he seemed to preach fiscal responsibility, he at the same time applauded the creation of new agencies and massive new spending. He also didn't even touch on how Marylanders were doing financially. NO discussion of tax cuts, or relief for anyone outside of the government.
We as Republicans have a duty to make our voices heard in the face of the extreme agenda that is before us - even if they want to put a friendly face on it with fancy speeches and vague platitudes. 
Adam Wood is the Executive Director of the Maryland Republican Party and can be reached at [email protected]
Montgomery County Republican Party