By Dennis Melby

Are you as outraged as I am? After watching the response on American campuses and in towns and cities throughout the United States since October seventh I am both amazed and ashamed.

Jewish neighbors and friends, kids, and adults, have been harassed and intimidated. Left wing Ivy League campuses have been turned into fortresses, unwelcoming, and intimidating to Jewish citizens. What have they been taught? They scream "Death to America" at supposedly important American Universities. They take down the US Flag, and replace it with foreign flags. People are afraid for their personal safety and freedom and have even been attacked and vilified for their religion and heritage. Didn’t you think this was gone from America – if not the world?

And it seems the farther left and the most permissive schools have been the most intolerant and hateful – both against Jewish identity and traditional American values.

Your Party, the Republican Party as always stood for freedom, event while Democrat lawmakers stood in the doorway to make sure that not all students would be welcome. Years ago Republican President Dwight Eisenhower made sure the National Guard protected the kids who would integrate the school in Little Rock, Arkansas – and not let the intimidation, bullying and harassment stop those kids from learning. Are you as ashamed of this Administration’s lack of action as I am?

Close to home, the Democrat Mayor of Washington refuses to send the police into George Washington University to clear out the agitators and restore a sense of safety – and has allowed a statue of our founder, George Washington, to be vandalized and graffitied. This is the same Mayor who supported defunding the police during the BLM riots.

Even in our backyard, our own Montgomery County Public Schools are rife with antisemitism, bullying and harassment. It’s bad enough for rank-and-file students and teachers to feel unsafe, add Jewishness and you have another way to feel intimidated. It’s so bad that the School Board President has been called before Congress to explain why this has been allowed to occur. And there is silence from our elected one-party County government.

I know you join me in condemning this antisemitism. We value all our citizens and neighbors in Montgomery County. We support you, we value you and we don’t stand for this left-wing nonsense we thought we had overcome years ago.

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Dennis Melby is the Chairman of the Republican Party of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Montgomery County Republican Party