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Want to Run for Office?  Your Republican Party in Montgomery County is here to help, contact us at [email protected]


Candidacy Forms from the Maryland Board of Elections:  

  1. Candidate Information Sheet (PDF) - Updated January 2017
  2. Affidavit for use of Alternate Name (PDF)
  3. Certificate of Nomination or Designation (PDF)
  4. Statement of Organization (PDF)
  5. Where to register a Candidate Committee w/ the Maryland Board of Elections:  https://campaignfinancemd.us/Public/CandidateHelp

Other Information:


How to secure public campaign funds for Montgomery County Office?

  • Background — 2018 will be the first election cycle that Montgomery County will provide public election funds (PEF) to qualifying candidates for the County Executive and County Council seats.  Currently, $6 million in funding is available to qualifying candidates and up to $10 million following County Council action in the 2017 budget cycle.  


How Do I Qualify?

  • Candidates seeking to qualify for matching PEF funds must agree to comply with all the PEF campaign contribution limitations:  including NOT taking any campaign contribution over $150.00 and NOT taking any contributions from a political action committee (PAC), corporation, political party, or union.  There are of course many other rules related to the program, but these campaign limitations are key to qualifying to participate.


  • To qualify for PEF matching funds, candidates must be in a contested race.  Then, candidates must raise a minimum number of individual contributions from MoCo residents as well as raise an aggregate total just to qualify.   Those minimum qualification thresholds and maximum payouts are noted below:   


CountyExecutive:  500/$40,000 to qualify and up to* $750K for the Primary and another $750K for the General


At Large Council seat:  250/$20,000 and up to* $250K for the Primary and another $250K for the General


District Council seat:  135/$10,000 and up to*$125K for the Primary and another $125K for the General


  • Keep in mind, in order to reach these max pay out amounts, a PEF candidate must raise much more than the minimum threshold amounts (noted above).  For further information on the MoCo PEF program see information at these links:

Information and background on the MoCo PEF law:  



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