Governor Hogan in Poolesville Day Parade on Saturday, 9/15

Poolseville Day

Saturday September 15 th

Governor Hogan will be participating

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Other Republican candidates will participate. Volunteers are needed.

Ben Jealous Has Finally Jumped the Shark with his Sales Tax Proposal

By Mark Uncapher, MCGOP Chairman

Those with a good political memory will recall Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry’s claim that: “I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."    The comment captured in amber a politician’s cynicism in trying to evade the truth and in trying to have it both ways on an issue. 

Cancelled Grand Opening of the Montgomery County Hogan Campaign Offices

This Event has been Cancelled

Tuesday - September 25 


Labor Day Parade Pictures

Great fun at the 2018 Kensington and Labor Day Parades in Montgomery County

See some of the photos from both parades here:

Firefighters for Hogan

Image Building at the Montgomery County Liquor Control Department

By Patricia A. Fenati, Candidate for State Delegate, District 14

An August 5th article by Jennifer Barrios in The Washington Post states that Montgomery County is planning to introduce a bill in the 2019 Maryland General Assembly to change the name of Montgomery County’s Liquor Control Department to the Beverage Services Department. Changing the name is thought to better indicate the new focus of the department and hopefully improve its image. The change in focus is the key direction of the new director of the department, Robert Dorfman, who was appointed to this position in late 2016.

Blowing Smoke: Ben Jealous’ “Pot for Pre-K” Numbers Don’t Add Up

By Mark Uncapher, MCGOP Chairman

While running to be Maryland’s governor, Democrat Ben Jealous has regularly promised:

When I am governor, I will finally pass universal pre-K in Maryland. How will we pay for it? By legalizing, regulating and taxing cannabis for adult use.”

Both on the stump,[1]on his website[2]and as recently as an August 20 press call,[3]Jealous has repeatedly made this “Pot for Pre-K” campaign promise.

Robin Ficker for Montgomery County Executive Releases First Campaign Video

Boyds, MD – Robin Ficker, independent Republican nominee for Montgomery County Executive, released his first campaign video this week entitled "This Is Our Election." The video highlights his achievements as a lifetime resident of Montgomery County, including a 2008 property tax charter amendment and a 2016 charter amendment, which placed term limits on the County Council and County Executive.

Join Governor Hogan in MoCo Labor Day Parades !

Join Governor Hogan in Kensington in the morning and then in the afternoon in Gaithersburg at Montgomery County's Two Labor Day Parades on Monday, June 3rd.  

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See more information below about both parades, and who to contact to walk with MCGOP our candidates and Robin Ficker's segments in both parades.

The Odd Couple

Quasi-socialist Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous skipped last weekend’s Maryland Association of Counties meeting in Ocean City, one of the “must show” days on the political calendar, to be in Frederick where multi- millionaire congressional candidate David Trone was handing out campaign funds, specifically, promising that he was “…stepping up financially to work with everybody in all our races.”

Our Volunteering Experience at the GOP Booth at the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair

By Yin Zheng

On our first day serving at the GOP booth at the fair, my daughter encountered two little sisters. They ran by and one said, “Look, the GOP table!“  The other girl responded, “Run, they are going to kill you!” 

This is how political freedom has been taught to our children in modern times. Isn’t it true that the beauty of America is that we can have different views, and people can choose to support their chosen party to promote checks and balances for the benefit of our people and country? No wonder I had a hard time convincing my daughter to wear a volunteer t-shirt with the MCGOP logo on it.

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