9$ for 9D

Change the County Council:  $9 for 9D

By Ann Guthrie Hingston

When officials do not listen, when legislative structures block fair representation, it is incumbent upon citizens to petition for change. This is exactly what a grassroots, non-partisan coalition of county residents called Nine Districts for MoCo is doing.  Thousands of voters of all political parties have signed the charter petition to demand fair representation on the Montgomery County Council.  All citizens deserve a representative in the room when the Council decides how to spend $5.8 billion of their tax dollars.  

The proposed charter amendment is a good governance reform.  It will change an outdated  Council structure that has allowed 7 of 9 Council members to live “down county” near the beltway but speak for 70% of county residents who live north of Rockville. The referendum will replace the four at-large Council members with four district Council members for a total of nine District members.  Once passed on the ballot all voters will have opportunity to elect a District Council member who lives near them and understands their concerns.  

We are pleased to report that on August 3 petitions with more than 15,000 signatures of Montgomery County voters were delivered to the county board of elections.  Once signatures are certified the proposed referendum will be placed on the 2020 General Election ballot. 

Now it is up to all of us to support the Nine Districts for MoCo campaign and VOTE for the referendum on the ballot!  To help get this referendum passed please contribute $9 for 9D by going to www.ninedistrictsformoco.org 


Ann Hingston is a member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee

Montgomery County Republican Party