A Great Montgomery County Republican

Gene Schaerr:  Safeguarding Our Freedoms

By Ann Guthrie Hingston

The freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment are the underpinnings of our democracy. These are the freedoms for Americans to assemble, worship in the manner we choose, petition our government, operate a free press and, most importantly, speak freely without threat of government interference.

At a time when these rights are being challenged, we celebrate Gene Schaerr, a Derwood Republican and nationally recognized attorney, for using his exemplary legal skills to safeguard our freedoms and privacy.  We thank him and Martha, his wife and a Central Committee member, for their continuing generosity to the Republican party.  On Saturday, June 24 at the MCGOP Summer Soiree, Gene Schaerr will be a featured speaker. To attend, click here www.mcgop.com.  TELL ME MORE>

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