A Sow's Ear?

By Dennis Melby

Remember the old proverb, “Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”?  Well, we Republicans do well at husbanding our money, donations are so important and we stretch and use them well, on important things like communication and elections.  Headquarters? Not so much.

The inside of our building in Rockville needs a little loving touch. Do you have that decorators wit in being able to take a room that is wanting and make it into a room that’s inviting?  Since we’ve owned and used our meeting space and office for over 30 years they’re looking awful tired. (So am I but we’ll let that go) We know, especially this important 2020 year that we’ll have so many visitors, volunteers and workers it will take another toll.

The cash most businesses use for paint, furniture and decorating we use to help pursue Republican gains in the political sphere, as it would be.  Maybe that’s where you come in.

Come by, take a look at MCGOP Headquarters. We know many members and their spouses have decorating skills. See what you can do with our rooms. The Committee room, reception, secretary’s and chair’s office all need some real attention – so we can better use them, and so we can welcome visitors and supporters (maybe even donors?)  Maybe you’ve got that perfect office chair, lamp and table or cabinet that would do a perfect job for us.

If you have an HGTV side make it work for the best political party. Call 301-417-9256 to leave a message for an appointment. Or drop by on Saturday between 11 and 2 to get an idea of what we need.  We look forward to your help.

Montgomery County Republican Party