An Amazing Protest

By Dennis Melby

An amazing thing happened Tuesday morning in Rockville – and our Party did not organize it.

Several hundred people showed up for a rally at the Board of Education demanding back the ability to protect their young kids from participating in discussions and material regarding sex and gender transitioning in the public schools. They believe that for kids from kindergarten to 5th grade to have sexual content and government sponsored discussions of changing their sex provided them by folks other than their parents or guardians is wrong. They consider it religious freedom to raise their children morally without government interference.

It was organized by people of faith, majority Muslim with Christian & Jewish participants. Many, if not most, were immigrants from overseas who had come here for the promise of freedom and democracy. 


Kristen Mink, a new and unique member of the County Council, who has advocated for police defunding while at the same time phoning them for personal assistance - and who's led hate rallies against UARE.US - called out Muslim parents for being on the same side as "white supremacists" at the Board meeting.

I didn’t see it on the local news, but it was in the local press and picked up by FOX nationally. Read former State Senate candidate Anita Cox’s article.  The local press had a biased story noting about 60 people were there, the videos show hundreds of Moms, Dads and neighbors, some in traditional dress, who’d taken off time from work or home to show their deep concern. Many of them were from countries where a demonstration like this would lead to arrest, but they came anyway.

Our Board of Education for the Public union-controlled schools have been far left leaning for years, certainly for the past several elections the public has only chosen left leaning Democratic women to represent the community on the Board of Education.  (Diversity is a nice concept but not when it means diversity of viewpoint) Moderates and conservatives like Marian Greenblatt and Steve Abrams are long gone.

While the Democratic Party is not reaching out to them, we also know this is their worst nightmare. Most of these folks are “people of color” not Jewish and not Christian. We’ve seen instances of mainstream Democrats being anti-Semitic and against traditional Christianity, it’s hard for them to believe that folks in the Muslim community reject their pushing of the concepts of racism and transexual values on their kids – especially without their permission!


Dennis Melby is Vice Chair of the Republican Party in Montgomery County, Maryland. He can be reached at [email protected]

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