An Anonymous Note from an MCPS Teacher

"Thank you for the newsletter.  I’m glad to hear that the parent protest was peaceful and respectful.  I am an MCPS teacher and Christian Republican who does not want to read the LGBTQ text to my class. I am not comfortable with speaking out publicly against my employer so I have not attended any protests. MCEA, the local teachers union, does not support me.  

There are plenty of other teachers who, like me, love all our students but want to stick with teaching academics and steer clear of any politically charged topics."

Please don't use my name.


To the Anonymous Teacher

You are not alone. We receive many notes from teachers, parents and teenage students dismayed about the direction of the public schools. So many experience shaming by their peers; they suffer in silence. We're here for you and we're here to stand up to the school bullies and the establishment.

Thanks for reaching out.


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