Property crime and theft continue to rise in MoCo. Please be safe. Just within the last week:

  • An illegal immigrant stole a police service truck and crashed it into cars and people in Prince Georges and Montgomery, ending with a crash in White Oak. ICE is demanding he be remanded to them. 
  • A group of persons terrorized the employees and patrons of three CVS drug stores in Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Chevy Chase Lake, sweeping items off the shelves and stealing in bulk, time after time. The employees were threatened.

Please be safe, the county government is not on the side of the police so be aware of your environment. As more and more illegal immigrants come into our area they become a challenge for our housing, food resources, the school system and tax resources. While most simply want a better life, many are fleeing authorities in their home countries.

With single party rule in our county and state, there are few officials with any incentive to rock the boat on behalf of law and order. Read the stories below about these crimes and take advantage of our volunteer opportunities to help elect responsible, "non-woke" government representatives to help solve these problems of crime and resources.

America is a welcoming country, all of us are here because of migration. We currently allow over a million - about the entire population of MoCo - into the country legally every year. Yet those who our government allows to walk in without any vetting far outpaces that.

Many of you report crime, homelessness, families with kids begging for money and food on street corners and at shopping centers, right here in the "border state" and sanctuary county of Montgomery. Additionally, the county government raises your taxes to give money to organizations, like CASA, with political agendas that encourage illegal immigration and fund workers for the Democrat party.

Thanks to the support of so many new Americans who have come here legally and become great American citizens and great Republican voters, we have a better chance of stemming the flood of illegal immigration - like many other countries are doing across the world.

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Montgomery County Republican Party