I HATE voting by mail!

In 2020 I went from polling place to polling place thanking folks for doing the right thing.

I told them:

“That’s what we Republicans do – we come out to vote at the polling place and do it right. We present ourselves and make our choices so the whole world can see us participate in democracy!”

I was wrong!  In Maryland we’re in the political minority and the majority is winning decisively using mail-in ballots. Unless we can get back to in-person voting we have to play their game. I’ve registered to have the State send me a ballot, and I plan to mail it in. I want you to do that too.

Very often we win at the polling place and lose when the mail-in ballots are counted. Let’s stop that! Yes, I agree, paper ballots, proof of ID, bi-partisan supervision. Unless we get that we need to use the system they have imposed on us to make our choices known.

Please join me in signing up for a mail in ballot.  Here’s how.

Dennis Melby

2020 MCGOP Chair

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