Committee for Better Government

The “Committee for Better Government” was formed to limit the number of consecutive four-year terms that the Montgomery County Executive may hold. Currently, the County Executive can have three consecutive terms before he/she is term limited. The purpose of this ballot petition is to secure enough signatures to get the question on the ballot for the 2024 election.

We want to ensure no Montgomery County Executive serves more terms than the US President or the Maryland Governor. If it's good enough for Reagan, Obama, and Hogan, isn’t it good enough for our County? The two four-year term limit is consistent throughout most of the counties in Maryland.

All we need is 10,000 registered voters to sign a petition to change three words in the current County Charter and Marc Elrich will be limited to only two terms. Please volunteer to help secure signatures. If you can’t volunteer, please donate to help with media buys and outreach to registered voters. 

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