Common Sense Voices

Common Sense Voices for Montgomery County

Pledge to Bring Balance to County Government

Five County Council candidates who won the July Republican primary have banded together to advance commonsense policies to improve the lives of all Montgomery County residents.  The Republican nominees are running to represent the newly designed Council Districts 2,4,5,6,7 and are calling themselves “Common Sense Voices for Montgomery County.”  

They are busy listening to residents’ stories about schools, children and livelihoods that have suffered from the consequences of bad policy decisions, especially during the COVID pandemic, made by County Executive Elrich and the County Council. In many cases county officials have advanced extreme national policies instead of good governance practices and improving the delivery of pubic services, such as water, sanitation, traffic and roads, and jobs to help families and workers. 

Common Sense Voices for Montgomery County pledge to:

  • Improve public safety by supporting the police in neighborhoods and in schools;
  • Support parents’ rights in education and programs that help working families finance new homes;
  • Promote green spaces and oppose the Master Plan Thrive 2050 as written; 
  • Recognize that the county operates within a system of regional competition so to attract investment and good jobs the county must improve its reputation as anti-business and cut taxes and regulations.
  • Grow the small business economy, maintain school buildings, and work with regional partners to minimize traffic congestion. 

Each has pledged to manage county resources according to the county’s motto “Gardez Bien” (Guard Well) which has been ignored in recent years.

District 2 Nominee: Dan Cuda

District 4 Nominee: Cheryl Riley

District 5 Nominee: Kate Woody

District 6 Nominee: Viet Doan

District 7 Nominee: Harold C. Maldonado

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