By Harold Maldonado

As we celebrate Hispanic heritage month, we observe the patriotic contributions this community has made to the fabric of our country. From culture, music, science, conservative family values, and most importantly, we appreciate the Patriotic fervor in which Hispanics have served in our armed forces. Another trait that makes Hispanics – the largest minority in the country (19%) – unique is their rich diversity within their communities. From Central America, the Caribbean, and further down into South America, the Hispanic community is not a homogeneous group, but rather a diverse ethnic group that incorporates the original natives from the continents, blacks, and people that have European roots and a combination of peoples that underpins the rich and colorful culture.


Hispanics have also made contributions to our country through their strong work ethic that has helped our economy grow and become an economic superpower. Amid this reality, the Hispanic community has also been used by political operators and leaders as other minorities in the country. The notion that the Democratic Party was the only option for this community is dissipating. Hispanics all over the country are realizing that the Republican Party best represents who they are and what they stand for: They value life, are against abortion, do not support the transgenderism agenda, and are law abiding citizens that are against illegal immigration. To all the Hispanic community, welcome home! We are here to represent you.


Harold Maldonado was the Republican 2022 nominee for the Montgomery County Council in Montgomery County's District 7


Montgomery County Republican Party