Council Double Standards

Montgomery County Executive candidate Reardon "Sully" Sullivan comments on the County Council's Double Standards

"Zoned" Out on Booze?

Is There a Double Standard for Political Appointees?

Gaithersburg, Md: Casey Anderson, the Chair of both the M-NCPPC and the Montgomery County Planning Board since 2014, was recently discovered to have a well-stocked liquor cabinet in his Wheaton office in clear violation of County policy. Reardon Sullivan, Candidate for County Executive stated, “I’m not surprised. Our County government has been a well-guarded club of privileged insiders, operating without checks and balances for the past two decades.”

Anderson’s leadership of the Planning Board and the Board’s decisions impact development and transit throughout the County. “It makes you wonder if any decisions were made under the influence of alcohol and how many unregistered lobbyists or others who partook of Chair Anderson’s liquid gifts?” charged Sullivan. “The leadership of the County should NOT have one rule for political appointees and lobbyists – maintaining a blind eye for boozing it up on the job, while holding County workers to a different standard,” stated Sullivan.

Sullivan urged voters, “You deserve better; it is time for a change in the County’s elected leadership.” Fortunately, there is a chance right now to make that change, in less than 6 weeks. “I am that change. I ask for your vote so that we can have a County with a level playing field for everyone, and that has full accountability and transparency for those who we entrust with our vote.”

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