Critical Race Theory

By Paul Agle

“Critical Race Theory” is essentially a shared delusion.  The bad part is its advocates believe if they delude us as well it becomes real.  It has all the earmarks of a religion; no proof, lots of belief required, and extensive proselytizing.  The proselytizing of the bureaucracy, government contractors, and the education system is funded 100% with taxpayer dollars.  Trying to establish a state religion of “critical race theory” is unconstitutional and all funding of these activities should be denied.

“When you wish upon on star” is not a useful approach to crafting real policy solutions.  This helps to explain why believers in “critical race theory” are often such dishonest and evil people.  They are trying to forge reality with their beliefs.  They are the hammer, and we are the ingot.  Never be the ingot.

For “Critical Race Theory” to reach critical mass there must be massive corruption of the educational system and some corruption to the legal system.  The corruption of the legal system is proceeding nicely. 

The residual discrimination against black people as a result of slavery has been cleverly extended to cover all non-white people.  This is the tool used to justify the 'diversity and inclusion “training”' that the proponents claim “CRT is not.”  Liars.

They have cleverly turned “whites are keeping the black man down” to “whites are keeping ALL non-whites down.”

Let's pick one of those "people of color" and see how this works in practice. Let's pick Asians.

Harvard is using personal ratings of students, mostly by admissions staff, as a major factor in admissions.  And these subjective ratings by people who did not interview the students, lowball Asians.  The result is Asians needed 250 more points on their SAT score over whites to enter Harvard.  Harvard staff are only 2.9% conservative (the country is 40% conservative) so we know it isn't conservatives that are doing it.  So, in practice the believers in critical race theory are keeping the “yellow man” down.  That sounds like “White Supremacy” to me.

As a side note: the 93% discrimination against conservatives at Harvard should be a cause for concern and lawsuit.  

Here’s another illustrative story:  This football coach of Korean heritage found out what it’s like to be on the “wrong” side of diversity when he applied for a job with an unnamed NFL team recently.  Despite a resume that includes 55 games of experience as an NFL offensive tackle – the first Asian American first-round draft pick in history – and 10 seasons as an assistant coach under Super Bowl winners Andy Reid and Doug Pederson, Chung was turned away.  “It was said to me, ‘Well, you’re really not a minority,” Chung told The Boston Globe.  Chung is Korean, as are both of his parents. Because Asians are successful they are “really not a minority”.  They probably aren't “people of color” either.

Why are Asians, many of whom (or their ancestors) came here with nothing so successful? 

The direct way to improve student scores is targeted policies to keep families intact, as many Asian do. Statistically Asians are the least violent Americans.  And single mother homes have long been known to correlate with lower academic performance and more male violence (widows on the other hand have children that perform at the level of married couples).

It doesn't look like critical race theory supports the facts on the ground.  Family structure does.  And Asians who would be affected by racism as “people of color” outperform whites.

Not only are the advocates of “critical race theory” worshiping a false god, but the policies that emanate from their beliefs are destructive.  Critical Race Theory is needed to support diversity.  Diversity is a broad attack on meritocracy.  In a diverse world it matters what color you are more than who you are.  An unelected elite gets to pick and choose.  Someone's ox is going to get gored.  And as Harvard shows, who gets gored can be pretty arbitrary.  There is apparently not enough graft and opportunities for control in meritocracy.

Critical race theory (CRT) cannot survive in a viewpoint diverse environment, hence the discrimination against conservatives.  Viewpoint diversity (2.9% conservative at Harvard) is apparently verboten.

The real question is why are progressives doing this instead of attacking the core issues of inner city communities.  Looting and burning the inner city cores and “critical race theory” are no substitute for addressing the family issues that are at the heart of inner city problems and doing a better job of reducing the violence.  As the 2020 murder rate shows – the activities of the far left are making things worse not better.  

They are using the universities as a farm team, indoctrination center, and disinformation generator.  150 diversity officers and 50 diversity professors at Ohio State add nothing to education but expense.

And it is going to get worse.  An Oregon school system is a preview of the future.  'In her blueprint, [Tigard-Tualatin School District Director of Equity and Inclusion, Zinnia Un] describes the new oppressor as an amalgamation of “whiteness,” “colour-blindness,” “individualism,” and “meritocracy”… For Un, they are the values of white society, the primary impediment to social justice...

Once suitably ashamed and disintegrated, the victim – and the word victim is entirely apt – is quizzed on whether their submission to this psychological abuse has resulted in sleep deprivation and broken relationships – these are good signs, apparently. Signs of “change-making” and “solidarity.” Of emerging wokeness.'  

The advocates of CRT claim “Whiteness,” “colour-blindness,” “individualism,” and “meritocracy” are the values of white society.  And signs of psychological abuse are a positive outcome?  The discussion should not be about whether to oppose “critical race theory”, but why we haven't removed these sick and disturbed racist sadists from positions of authority to stop them from causing further harm!  

What is further distressing is the way people of color (except Asians apparently) are implicitly claimed NOT to value “colour-blindness,” “individualism,” and “meritocracy”.  

The viewpoint of advocates of “critical race theory” is so removed from reality as to constitute a threat to the Republic.  What would our future America be like without “color-blindness,” “individualism,” and “meritocracy”?  Their apparent goal is to turn us all into serfs.  Their solution to the residual effects of slavery is to enslave everyone. The US has been trying to move to a color-blind merit-based society.  We were making progress toward the goal of a society where Americans “will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.   If “critical race theory” and other fruits of social constructionism are allowed to flourish that will never happen.  The far left, which for years has claimed Martin Luther King's mantle, now sadly seem to be urinating on his grave.


Paul Agle is a farmer (Michigan), digital hardware engineer, software engineer, 6 time marathoner, 40 year Gaithersburg Resident, 30 year Republican volunteer, a close observer of the human condition and a member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee.

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