D-16 Delegate Candidate Bill Day Champions Jobs, Quality Education and Teamwork

By Ann Hingston Legislative District 16 Chair

With outcome of the District 16 primary settled, Republican Bill Day kicked off his General Election campaign for Delegate at a Bethesda back-yard get-together attended by more than 70 friends and supporters on July 13th. Day introduced himself as a self-employed Montgomery County attorney specializing in business law, a US Naval Academy graduate, and a children’s soccer coach.

“My views come from my middle-class upbringing, my military service, and my family life. You can brand me as a regular guy -- I attended law school at night, while working a full-time job. I coach my kids' soccer team.  My wife, Michele, is a fourth generation Marylander who grew up in Calvert County and has a successful career.   We share the struggles of many residents who choose to live in Montgomery County so their children can attend quality schools.” 

Day explained that he is running for Delegate to safeguard the quality of Montgomery County schools and to revitalize the business environment in the county.  He believes the two are linked:  Montgomery County can only afford quality education if it has thriving businesses.  ”I know the business community well as a business-owner and as an attorney for business owners.  Our county government does not make it easy for them to create jobs. We need to incentivize new businesses to start here and reward companies who stay here.  I want to help do for Montgomery County what Governor Hogan has done for the state of Maryland – open it for business.”

Day pointed out that as businesses and affluent residents leave Montgomery County so do their tax dollars.  The prosperity of our county is essential to providing education to our children and maintaining the value of our homes.     

When asked why he thinks he can win, Bill Day, the sole Republican nominee for 16th District Delegate, pointed to his admiration for Maryland Governor Larry Hogan and his style in solving problems. "Governor Hogan is my role model. He listens. He reaches out. He builds teams.  And it works -- Look how successful he has been.  As a Naval officer I learned how to build teams, optimize skills, and help diverse people work together towards a common goal.  That is the respectful bipartisanship we need in the General Assembly. “

Day also told the bipartisan crowd that residents want to be heard, not dictated to, by their elected officials.  “The overwhelming vote for term limits shows that our residents are tired of the status quo and want new faces and competent officials who address real issues.   I will speak commonsense in the Montgomery County delegation so the real concerns of Bethesda residents are heard in Annapolis.”

Day concluded with “ We can only move ahead by teamwork and partnership. That's the way our democracy works, and the way that our economic system flourishes.


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