Mayor Muriel Bowser of the District of Columbia allowed BLM protesters to paint "Defund the Police" in front of the White House. The DC City Council passed defund and disrespect laws to hamstring the police from doing their jobs. Crime went through the roof.

MoCo County Exec Marc Elrich forbade the police to post the "Thin Blue Line" flag in their offices, took away the School Resource Officers, and forbade the police to work with ICE to deport criminal illegals. Members of the County Council to this day write and rewrite rules to tie the hands of police saying they might be "disrespectful" to criminals. Murders, thefts, carjackings and violent crimes have spiked, and a sense of well being has declined.

This is what our elected leaders keep doing to us. Here's a quote from one of our readers:

"I am for more funding of the police and much tougher laws for criminals than we have now!  
It is due to these lax laws and defunding the police that we are all in shock about the crime rate going up at such an alarming rate in Montgomery County and the whole metro area!"

-Name withheld-

Montgomery County Republican Party