Dr. Politics: What You Need to Know About Events

By Dwight Patel

Just because you send out an email to 1,000 people about your fundraiser doesn’t mean they will actually show up.  In this issue of Dr. Politics, we’ll do a recap on the topic of Events.

When you’re having a fundraiser, you need to do a couple of things in the era of modern campaigning.  One is to send out email invitations to prospective attendees. But don’t stop there.  Take your event to the next level by creating a FB event and inviting your FB friends.  You aren’t done yet – Just keep going.  You’ll tweet out your event to your followers as well and have them re-tweet your event.  Contact your party organization to email your invitation to their lists in your district. 

Now that you have the invitation to your event floating around on the internet, go to your email list, pick out 100 names of people you sent the invitation out to out of the original 1,000.  Then make personal calls and invite them to attend your event.  Okay, I can hear you saying that in the modern age of caller ID and cell phones, people won’t take your call.  However, since these are people you know, they will take your call.  Keep it manageable – Make about 25 calls per day for the event. You might even want to ask your supporters to invite their friends to your event.

You also want to tweet out something like “…only X number of days left. Have you bought your ticket for ….” Also post on Facebook.  Also, if you are using Snap Chat post the information there as well.

You have to do all of the above to ensure that you will have a successful event.

Final Thoughts

You are in the home stretch. Start planning your ground game for early voting and Election Day. In my next issue, I’m going to do a run-down on planning the ground game.  Stay tuned for this important information on the ground game.   As always, you can email me [email protected].

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