Family Rally in Rockville


Ignored by the seven Democrat women who run the Montgomery County Board of Education, a huge crowd of parents, guardians and children gathered at the MCPS headquarters in Rockville last Tuesday to demonstrate their opposition to removing their rights to "opt out" of classes and instruction on sexuality and gender transitioning taught in the public schools to pre-K to 5th graders. They demanded that their religious rights should be respected. They demanded the right to instruct their kids by themselves on family values, sexuality and love. 



Ethiopian family with signs that read "Wake Up - Stop Voting 4 Democrats - Vote for Republicans"

A large crowd held a "Parental Rights Matter" sign

The large crowd of demonstrators, who were mostly people of color, were prohibited from entering the MCPS facility because of "safety issues." Apparently there was fear of violence from the family friendly, peaceful group. A small group of counter-protesters was there with a friendly and respectful dialogue between the groups. However, Montgomery County Council Member Kristen Mink, who had previously said she didn't trust "White Women," "Zionist Jews," or Muslims and Ethiopians who took the side of "White Extremists," failed to show as she was apparently told by Democrat leadership not to attend.

Montgomery County Republican Party