First GOP 24 Debate

Will former President Donald Trump show up at the first Republican Presidential debate in Wisconsin? Many people, both Republicans and Democrats feel the United States is in trouble, crime is spiraling out of control. Illegal immigration is fueling already desperate homeless numbers; violence is rampant across the country with more police officers being killed or injured in the line of duty; cost of living prices have sharply risen; food and energy inflation and public pessimism are rampant - and citizens are eager for demonstrable, reliable leadership.

The first televised debate featuring the most popular Republican candidates is Wednesday at 9 PM on FOX. President Trump so far has stated he won't participate, but there's a very diverse slate of candidates who will. Republican voters can compare old and young, male and female, people of different colors and religions - all offering their vision for a better America.

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Will you be watching? What are your most important issues, and which of the candidates do you favor?

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