Four More Years

I join you as we celebrate the Republican National Convention. Times are so different, four years ago it was the DNC and RNC Conventions, then the Summer Olympics in Brazil, on to Labor Day and the election. (All the media outlets knew who would win – the voting was just a formality)


Ramp ahead to 2020, Olympics postponed a year, DNC and RNC scaled back dramatically, Labor Day vacation choices severely limited because of the Pandemic. (And all the media outlets know who they pray will lose!) The question is, "Will their polling be as good as it was in 2016?"

This week we’ll see a positive convention, a push back at all the negativity and hatred, and a return to prosperity and safety. Support for education, support for policing and protecting the vulnerable, and support for a return to an economy the envy of the world.

As we continue to fight this virus and strive to return to progress, I’d like to thank everyone for helping to make our Convention a success.

Montgomery County Delegates will be proud to nominate Donald Trump for a second term as our President. Although it’s still a virtual convention many will be right down the road in DC to welcome the President as he accepts his nomination. 

From our great Montgomery County they are David Bossie, National Committeeman, CD3 - Alternate Delegate, Anne Koutsoutis, 1st Vice Chair MCGOP Central Committee, CD8 - Delegates Ruth Melson and Mark Uncapher, Alternate Delegate, Pat Fenati, MCGOP Central Committee.  At-Large Delegates: Marcus Alzona, MCGOP Central Committee, Amie Hoeber, former CD6 GOP Congressional candidate, Maria Sofia, President of MD Young Republicans (MDYRs), Josephine Wang, MCGOP Central Committee.  At-Large Alternate Delegates: Michael Higgs, &, Dwight Patel, MCGOP Central Committee, Gail Weiss, MCGOP Central Committee & President Potomac Women’s Republican Club

Thank you to the Montgomery County GOP Delegation.

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Montgomery County Republican Party