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This Week: Engage County Officials

Monday, Sept. 11th -   

9:30 am – County Council’s Economic Development Committee worksession (Fani-Gonzalez, Balcombe, Glass, Sayles)


Strategy to attract businesses, office market trends and business retention strategies. READ MORE HERE>  


1:30 pm – County Council’s Transportation & Environment Committee worksession (Glass, Balcombe, Stewart) to discuss Pedestrian Master Plan and Purple Line. READ MORE HERE>

7:30 pm – Montgomery County Civic Federation meeting on Land Use and Ethics with guest speaker MD Delegate Vaughn Stewart (LD 19).  Zoom

Tuesday, Sept. 12th

 9 am – County Council Meeting READ MORE HERE>

  • Proclamation celebrating the Drag Story Hour and Participants (Mink and the full Council)
  • Vote on personnel and commission appointees, non-competitive contracts; report on Bethesda Urban Partnership, Inc; Black Heritage month commemoration.
  • Public hearings on amendments to Bill 32-23, Policing Advisory Commission, Voluntary Registry for Emergency 911 Calls
  • Public hearings and vote on special appropriation to MCPS Capital Budget

Thursday, Sept. 14th

2:30 pm - HHS Committee worksession (Albornoz, Luedtke, Sayles) Check agenda.

7 pm – County Executive Elrich Forum seeking residents’ priorities for FY 2025 budget, at the Mid-County Community Recreation Center social hall (Layhill), 2004 Queensguard Rd, Silver Spring.  Click here to view online.


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