GOP Senate Candidate Tony Campbell Wants to End Partisan Divide in Washington, DC

By Deborah Lambert

U.S. Senate candidate Tony Campbell knew there was precious little time during the first few months of his 2018 campaign to establish himself as a frontrunner. Therefore, he moved quickly from the starting gate to the winner’s circle, defeating his ten GOP opponents on Primary Day and becoming the leader of the pack.

Not bad for his very first political campaign.


However, the 52-year-old Campbell is hardly a political neophyte. During the past several years, he served in various capacities on the Executive Committee of the Maryland Republican Party; as an MDGOP Central Committee member, 1998 – 2018; State Chairman, Ben Carson for President 2016 and State Chairman, Rick Santorum for President, 2012. In 2012, he also led a petition and referendum effort against partisan gerrymandering. 

Today, Senate candidate Campbell, the recipient of a doctorate from Liberty University Seminary, teaches politics, focusing on political theory, at Towson University. He is the author of two books, America Today and A More Perfect Union. He and his wife Rebecca have two children, Taylor Alexander and Amelia Christine.

One of his goals as a member of the U.S. Senate will be to “enable the American Dream for Marylanders.” Specifically, Campbell explains on his website that he plans to help ensure that “our national government is not an obstacle to growth, prosperity and success.” The candidate notes that while “job creation is a positive step, my focus as your United States senator will be to help Marylanders take advantage of opportunities to own their own businesses and create legacy wealth for themselves and their families.”

Another one of his top concerns is education, including school security. The candidate says that he plans to promote more local control of education policy instead of relying on a parade of one-size fits all national programs.

Tony Campbell believes that our rights and freedoms are only as safe as our nation is secure. As a former Army officer, he understands the dangers and opportunities that exist around the globe. “While the United States is a leader on the world stage, we do not solely bear the responsibility for peace.  We must be wise in using our resources – diplomatically, financially and militarily.  Most importantly, the national security interests of the United States must come first.” 

The politician that Campbell most admires is former President Ronald Reagan, whose clear-eyed pursuit of his goal to win the Cold War was finally accomplished.

The GOP candidate believes that immigration policy has a direct impact on national security.  As Maryland’s next U.S. senator, Campbell says he will “push for an end to chain migration and the immigration lottery.  He does not support the concept of sanctuary cities. While the debate continues over whether undocumented individuals should be able to stay or be deported, I believe our most pressing issue is to put forward a common-sense immigration policy for people who want to come into our country.” 

Campbell also believes that our “government should take the responsibility of our infrastructure seriously. As your next United States Senator, I will work to strengthen our infrastructure including our power grids, the cyber infrastructure which is the skeleton of internet commerce, and focus on rebuilding roads, bridges and tunnels.”

The bottom line is this:

While it takes a team of dedicated volunteers and an understanding family to run a successful political campaign, Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Tony Campbell believes that ultimately, we all must work together to bring an end to the destructive and unhealthy partisan divide in Washington, D.C. 

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