A celebration is in order. Happy New Year from the Montgomery County Republican Party!

And what an important year it is:

  • Will we win back the White House?
  • Will we control the Senate?
  • Will we get a bigger majority in the House of Representatives (and not have to elect a new speaker every six months?)

In our county they propose new taxes and regulations, in our state new taxes and regulations, while in our big cities and counties more crime & less effective education. Our county school board ignores glaring personnel issues yet forces Sex Ed story books on kids in kindergarten.

And many of the Democrats, who control every office in the federal, state and local landscape pit one group against another while decrying the “hatred” they constantly whip up. 

Many of you are new to the Republican Party. I welcome you and promise you things can and will get better. Latinos and Hispanics, Asians and Africans are all registering and voting Republican. If you’re new citizens to our country, most of you don’t want to have happen here what happened back home.

If you’re native born, it's hard to believe what the old Democrat party has become, dividing people by race, by income, by religion and by gender. Seems like there’s no idea that’s out of bounds for them to embrace.

You are welcome here, we are not WOKE. We believe in hard work, equality, dignity, fairness and freedom of religion, free and fair elections, and a hand up when needed. We believe in safe streets and good policing. And we believe in you.

So thank you for coming with us. Together we’ll work hard, stand up for our principles and make sure America fulfills her destiny.

On behalf of the Republican Party, Happy New Year!

Dennis Melby

MCGOP Vice Chair

[email protected]

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Montgomery County Republican Party