Hard Times Strong Men

HardTimes make strong men

By Bill Richbourg

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As Michael Hopf sums up a “stunningly perceptive view of history:”

Hard times make strong men

Strong men make good times

Good times make weak men

Weak men make hard times

I am fairly certain that you will agree that we are in particularly “hard times” after almost two years of lockdowns, masks, gestapo-like restrictions of our liberties, and now sky-rocketing costs of everything, ie, gasoline to drive our cars, natural gas, heating oil and electricity to heat and cool our homes, in the supermarket to buy everything from “soup to nuts”.  On top of that we have experienced a humiliation in Afghanistan, a lack of preparation for supply chain problems, disastrous energy decisions and damaging inflation. While a confused, bumbling Attorney General threatens parents at school board meetings, thousands are murdered in big city streets. Putin is massing Russian troops on the Polish border, and China is salivating over the Build Back Better plan while building a lethal military as we fret over soldiers that may have conservative views and flight suits for pregnant women. 

Our completely out-of-touch government is spending money like some crazy uncle who just won the lottery leading to a massive number of people who choose not to work while thousands of jobs go unfilled. Our culture appears besieged at every turn with every day bringing more bad news. 

It is obvious that we are living in “hard times” primarily because of “weak men”, essentially those in government and their followers who, every day, surprise and shock us with dangerous, stupid, and essentially evil, totalitarian decisions and actions.

Where are the “good men” that are going to step up in these hard times? Where are the examples of good men to guide and motivate us? Where do we find those who have the power to fire up our willpower and our resolve? 

Most of us do not even think about the birth and establishment of our Republic, nor realize that America is currently the longest surviving Republic in history.  It did not just appear out of thin air. It took men and women who fought by sword and pen for freedom. These patriots knew that they were subject to imprisonment, poverty, and even execution if they lost their fight for liberty.  Compare that to the fear of being doxed on social media if one stands up for freedom today!

For example, the patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and John Hancock understood full well that they were signing their death warrants should they be defeated by the British Army. Not only would they be executed as traitors, but the wellbeing of their families would also be jeopardized.

So, their fight for the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” came with the possibility of ruin and death. Who were they? Ordinary men and women who were called to do extraordinary things.

Of course, George Washington, with dignity and courage, led us through two wars and the birth of the Republic

Henry Knox of Boston; in ordinary times a bookstore owner that had to flee for his life when the Revolution started and his shop was sacked by Loyalists. In the dead of winter, with only wagons pulled by oxen and hundreds of volunteers, he transported 56 artillery pieces over 300 miles of frozen countryside for use in driving the British from Boston. This was considered one of the greatest feats of the American Revolution.

Dr. Joseph Warren, the General who died as a foot soldier at Bunker Hill before his talents and abilities were fully known. His death a tragedy and a great loss leaves us wondering what might have been while others remember the courage of a man who fought when he didn’t have to.  (Read the historical fictional account by Ned Ryun, “The Adversaries”)

Nathan Hale, who volunteered for a critical mission and bravely faced his execution as a spy. “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

Francis Marion; the ‘Swamp Fox”, a persistent adversary of the British in their occupation of South Carolina; one of the fathers of guerrilla warfare and maneuver warfare.

Abigail Adams; Emblematic of women forced to manage farms, businesses and families while husbands and fathers were away fighting the war.

Patrick Henry; “Give me liberty or death.”

There are many others who fought, bled and died to win their freedom, and ultimately the liberty and freedom of many generations to follow.

Our liberty and freedom are being eaten away by the Left, the Marxists, the Communists or however they might be defined. Many of us are beginning to awaken to the threat while life, liberty and pursuit of happiness still abides in our hearts. If you despair, take a look again at the lives of those patriots who preceded us in creating the greatest Republic the world has known and take strength and courage from their deeds and wisdom.


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