Heath Barnes for Congress

Who am I? I was raised in a small farming community in Southwest Missouri, the grandson of two United States Army Veterans, one who was also a dairy farmer and the other a special education teacher after they left service. I attribute my work ethic and perseverance to those two men. I settled in Woodsboro, MD several years ago after my company relocated me here and after meeting my spouse who is a Woodsboro native stemming back many generations. I am the oldest of 5 siblings and often can be heard talking about my 9 nephews and nieces who are my biggest pride and joy. I am particularly proud of my 19-year-old nephew who is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. My family and my in-laws are very important to me, which is one of the main reasons I am running for this office. I want to do my part to make this country and state an even better place for them to live and raise their families.

As the Burgess (Mayor) of Woodsboro, I have effectively been able to have a budget surplus in each of my years of service while also completing many projects including the project we are in now of building a town hall. These projects cost the town little to nothing out of pocket and I have done this without ever raising taxes. I used my resources to get the money back from the state to our town. I have been active in speaking up and defending our small businesses against the COVID lockdowns that our former county executive continued to keep in place long after the state mandates had been lifted. I worked tirelessly to defend our Police against the left's agenda to villainize them and to defend them. I 100% support a national police bill of rights. I have been very vocal and active in speaking out against our school board's passage of policies that are cutting out parents' rights in what their children are being taught. I am the candidate with the most experience in this race and by far the one that has been the most active and it did not just begin when I decided to run for Congress. The same thing I have done in my local area I will now do for all of Maryland’s District 6.

To learn more about me please visit my website at heatharnesforcongress.com I will also be having a meet and greet on August the 11th, 2023 at 630pm at Burton’s Bar and Grill located at 109 Commerce Square Place Gaithersburg, MD all are welcome to attend.

Montgomery County Republican Party