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On Wednesday, January 13th the Maryland General Assembly kicked off its 2021 Legislative Session. For the next 90 days, Montgomery County’s 32 person Delegation – every one of whom is a Democrat – has a jam-packed agenda.

Can you guess what the all-Democrat delegation’s most urgent priorities are?

They want to reduce the integrity of our elections, make our communities less safe, and YOU get to pay more for it when they raise your taxes as they always try to do!

We all witnessed the OUTRIGHT DISASTER that was the 2020 mail-in election. Legitimate votes were suppressed by long lines at the few in-person polling places and there were few safeguards to ensure the legitimacy of mail-in votes. During the primary, things were even worse as every voter was sent a ballot without even requesting one. Montgomery County’s very own Senator Ben Kramer has introduced a bill to make every election moving forward use this dysfunctional process.

We need to raise funds TODAY to fight back against this RECKLESS legislation that threatens the foundation of our democracy.

But wait – there’s more!

  • Self-proclaimed SOCIALIST Delegate Gabriel Acevero is co-sponsoring a bill to give felons the right to vote while they are still in prison.

  • Senator Will Smith will again try to make Maryland a SANCTUARY STATE. If his legislation is adopted, Maryland would be prohibited from cooperating with federal immigration officials even in cases where the person in question is a violent criminal.

  • Delegate Jheanelle Wilkins has introduced legislation to make the estate tax apply to many more Maryland families during their time of sorrow. Even when faced with the terrible event of losing a loved one, Montgomery County Democrats are still focused on your bank account.

And if all of the above wasn’t bad enough….

  • Our county delegation will be voting to override Governor Hogan’s veto of the “Blueprint for Maryland’s Future” which is a multi-billion-dollar tax increase disguised as an education initiative. Even in times of economic downturn Democrats in Annapolis have never met a tax increase they didn’t like.

With your contribution, we can make sure that ALL Montgomery County voters know exactly what the Democrats intend for them, their families, and their bank accounts, and we can fight back against it. Please donate whatever you can today to help us oppose the billions in tax increases and government waste that the Montgomery County Democrat delegation is pushing in this year’s General Assembly session.

If you would like to review the proposed legislation yourself, view hearing schedules, and sign up to testify you can do so on the General Assembly website.

We hope you will get involved and make your voice heard!

Thank you for your support,


Montgomery County Republican Party
Montgomery County Republican Party