How Dangerous is Omicron?

How Dangerous is Omicron?

By Paul Agle

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To discuss Omicron you have to compare the least vaccinated state, Idaho, to DC the most vaccinated area in the country.  As of last week 88% of new cases in Idaho are the Omicron variant. The number of new cases is currently about 10% higher than the peak daily case rate for Delta in Idaho.  DC had about 20 times (2000%) its previous daily case record.  Deaths don't seem to be going in any particular direction in either area.  There are still some Delta cases in both locations so there are some deaths.  And the onset of cold winter weather and low Vitamin D levels is going to bump up the death rate some. 


How deadly is Omicron?  DC cases hit 20 times the previous COVID peak. DC deaths are at ½ the previous peak.  If ALL the new cases were Omicron it would be 1/40th as deadly as Delta.  But we know that all the cases aren’t Omicron, and many of the deaths are from people infected more than a month ago. It is safe to say that Omicron  is somewhere between a mild flu and the common cold in terms of deadliness.  If it wasn't,  DC residents would be dropping like flies.  More than 10% of DC (as of January 14th) is currently infected.  And ¾ths of the vaccinated DC residents are boosted.


Now why is Idaho seeing a small bump while DC looks like Sherman's “March to the Sea”?  Vaccination.  To Omicron – which is optimized to go after the vaccinated – the vaccinated are simply tastier.  


The hospital crisis is a prime example of the evil of vaccine mandates.  So many 100% vaccinated hospital workers are infected that infected workers in many locales are required to continue working. That is simply crazy.  Forcing the infected to tend the sick will infect uninfected  patients, many of whom already have one foot out the door.  Hospitals were already the cause of 25% of COVID infections.  Unvaccinated hospital workers are a much safer bet than vaccinated workers when Omicron is the primary variant.


The Omicron crisis was the inevitable result of vaccinating people who aren't at risk.  Mass vaccination with “spike generating liquid” (it isn't a vaccine) inevitably acts as a filter to make “vaccine” (spike generating liquid) resistant strains dominant.  Further, Omicron makes “Vaccination Passports” a bad joke.  “Vaccination Passports” are giving a pass to the people most likely to be infected and spreading the virus.  It is like only permitting felons to have guns.  Omicron makes “Vaccine Mandates” which force people to become more vulnerable to the dominant Omicron variant, an act of authoritarian insanity.


If the vaccines fulfilled the promises made by the bureaucrats in DC they wouldn't be sick right now.


God bless everyone, and God bless America.

Montgomery County Republican Party