It's Time to get Involved in the Trump Campaign

By Josephine Wang

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” still ring true during the pandemic of 2020! A perfect example is our MCGOP speaker from the last meeting we held at Lahinch restaurant. April spoke passionately about how she came to the United States legally, and

immediately immersed herself into the American Dream of opportunities by getting an MA in Communications and a certificate from the Wharton School of Business Management. 

I first met her during our initial Watch Party on June 20, 2019 when the President announced that he would run for office again in 2020. With a sharp eye and due diligence, April knew this occasion provided a vital opportunity to help out during this important campaign. The subsequent meetings we had were equally enthusiastic with various speakers, including National Committeewoman Nicolee Ambrose.

Then we were hit by the virus! Although it shut down most of the businesses, thanks to the enthusiasm of the MCGOP club and its active members with high tech experience, the campaign has been carried on via Zoom and other social media! Also, the fact that President Trump scheduled numerous TV news conferences encouraged us to carry on, especially when we were in lockdown mode.

Meanwhile, more than 43,000 voter contacts have been made by April and her volunteers!

There has also been ongoing technology training, which has become an integral part of the presidential campaign! Since relationships take time to develop, I was glad to have asked April to help with the MCGOP’s Presidential Campaign Kickoff on 11/3/2019, plus the Lunar New Year event on 2/7/2020, plus training some of us on the use of TrumpTalk, etc. She has always made time for us!

Although I’m a veteran of political campaigning, I don’t recall using this new technology.  Not to be discouraged, I asked and queried about it. Now, with a little more than a couple of months left in this race, it’s more important than ever to pool all our resources for President Trump!!!

During the campaign seasons for Reagan and Bush, I took 3 months off from being an MCPS teacher to pick up the ball nonstop for them. Now it’s “Deja Vu All Over Again” with new faces, but the same values, guaranteed by our Constitution!

Thanks to everyone who came to the last meeting, with 97 Facebook visitors and 14 guests, who attended in person at Lahinch, thanks to Dwight Patel. Watch for the next monthly meeting!


Joséphine Wang is Chair of Trump MOCO 2020 and a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee.

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