The Jews are an indigenous people of the Middle East. The left wing can't accept this fact.

Anti-Israel critics say that the Jews are foreign invaders in the Middle East who have displaced the native people. This is the core of their argument, and they repeat this argument constantly.

But the fact is that Jews have always lived in the Middle East. Its just that they were historically a minority group scattered throughout the Arab countries and Iran.
The Jews didn't move to the ME from somewhere else. They were always there. They're indigenous to the ME.



The Jews in the Arab countries were forced to flee to Israel after the creation of Israel. The number of Jewish refugees who fled Arab countries exceeds the number of Arabs who fled Israel. An estimated 900,000 Jews fled Arab countries into Israel. This exceeds the estimated 750,000 Arabs who fled Israel. The Jews in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, which was then French North Africa, fled largely into France, where they constitute the majority of the French Jewish community. This is an exchange of population that greatly favors the Arab states.

In 1948, Pakistan expelled an estimated 15 to 20 million Hindus and Sikhs to create an Islamic state in Pakistan. Because of the massive and sudden movement of population, the number of Hindus and Sikhs expelled has to be estimated approximately.

The left-wing racists claim they support the rights of indigenous people. But they refuse to realize or accept or acknowledge that the Jews are a native people of the region. They support the rights of native peoples, except for the Jews.

Racism is defined as denying to other groups the rights you claim for yourself. Refusal to accept the rights of the Jews native to the ME fits every definition of racism.

The route to peace is for Iran and other parties to accept the borders of Israel that the UN established in 1948. The route to peace is to accept the rights of the Jews in the Middle East. Anything else won't work.


The writer, who works extensively in the Middle East, wishes to remain anonymous.

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