Kate Woody County Council Spotlight

I am Kate Woody, the proud daughter of a decorated WWII U.S. Combat Infantry Officer. I am running for County Council 5th District. I pledge to fight to preserve personal rights and promote prosperity for all the citizens of Montgomery County. My lodestar for this task is the U.S. and Maryland Constitutions and Bills of Rights and the Bible.  I pledge to represent my constituency including those with special needs for whom I have a heart. My husband and I have a wonderful son with special needs who, in himself, contributes greatly to the County community.

I attended Montgomery County Public Schools: elementary, middle and high school [Montgomery Blair HS.].  I have been a U.S. National Bank Regulator, Real Estate Broker, Tax consultant, U.S. Tax Court Member and Director of Training for Harvard Law School’s former International Tax Program teaching Tax policy and administration.  I was Adjunct Professor of Law at Georgetown Law School and was Chief of Party for US AID‘s Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan Bankruptcy Project transfering enterprises from Communist to private ownership. My practice in taxes and other law areas gives me experience to promote common sense, business governance to encourage growth and good career jobs.I support the police and am for embedding School Resource Officers in each School and in communities by incentives to help officers live in the communities they police. 

I am for teaching in schools reading, writing (including cursive writing), arithmetic and the sciences along with music, singing and the arts to create well rounded citizens.   I am for teaching the truth of where we have been including our flaws in the good and bad parts of our history and our aspirations to continue to improve our rights and personal liberties for all.  It is not helpful to view our world in terms of “oppressed” and “oppressors’.  I believe in the song, America the Beautiful, 2nd verse wherein the composer wrote about our ongoing need to mend every flaw with liberty in law.  We must continue to improve to become a better nation with justice for all.

I believe in the use of tax policy and administration to support and propel the 5th County of the Council District to attract jobs that build the tax base to pay for improvements. I believe strong businesses will be attracted by a forseeable business environment where businesses will be free from ‘expedited’ mandates to shut down “non-essential” parts of the county [i.e. small business] without stringent safeguards and rights and protections in our County Charter. 

I am for reducing the tax burden including sales taxes and real estate taxes. I would reduce the new 43Cent tax on gas per gallon to zero for the next year and half the 45 cents for the next 5 years.  I will take away the automatic tax increases that hurt the economy and small business. 

For those with special needs and those who may be in group homes and the elderly in assisted living facilities I would prohibit mandatory lock downs. Instead of being shut in and unable to receive those who protect their safety, I would guaranty that family, close friends and guardians be allowed to always visit their loved ones to do safety and wellness checks. 

I advocate planting more trees for the air, footpaths for pedestrians to promote health and give an alternative to auto travel. I advocate zoning permitting small gardens in residential and business areas and tax credits to promote the gardening that produces food.

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