We are all concerned with where our Country and County is headed.

All throughout our great Country basic conservative ideals and beliefs are under attack.

WOKEISM is running un-checked and that is nowhere more evident that right here in Montgomery County.

Our career politicians are focusing on such inane things as banning gas-powered leaf blowers, spending $80 million for bike lanes, and drag queen story hour for toddlers …. While defunding the police and providing us with constant unchecked tax increases to fund their social utopia.

We are seeing our once-amazing school systems in Montgomery County erode to the point that we no longer have any schools in the top 100 nationwide.

This is NOT the Montgomery County that I grew up in.

Enough is enough!!!

I ask you to have the strength and the courage to stand with me to make a change and right this ship.

Here in Montgomery County, we have a non-partisan group called the Committee for Better Government that is circulating a petition to limit the County Executive to two terms.

After all, the President has two terms, the Governor has two terms… shouldn’t our County Executive also be limited to two terms?

I am asking you to support this petition effort. If you are a Montgomery County voter, please email us HERE and tell us how to reach you. We’d like to add your name to the over 4,000 County residents that have already signed in support of this change.

Together we can make a difference.

Reardon “Sully” Sullivan

Former Chair, Montgomery County Republican Party

For more information on the Committee for Better MoCo Government click HERE

Montgomery County Republican Party