Liz Matory Makes Guest Appearance on Eric Bolling’s New TV Show

By Deborah Lambert

Liz Matory, the GOP candidate for Maryland’s 2ndcongressional district, not only scored an historic upset in Maryland’s June 26thprimary, but also appeared on the first episode of Eric Bolling’s new TV show that debuted on CRTV on July 12th.


In response to Bolling’s query about why she had switched political parties in 2014, Matory explained that although a D.C. native like herself was expected to toe the Democrat line, eventually the contradiction between the way that Democrats spun their political beliefs with the truth about their behavior was what inspired her to change her political affiliation. In fact, one of the deciding factors was the discovery that there was a wide gulf between Democrats’ political stagecraft and their actual behavior toward blacks, and black women in particular.

When Bolling noted that Matory’s recent move from Democrat to Republican could be construed as opportunism in the liberal state of Maryland, she responded that although there was certainly room for new faces in Maryland, switching political parties was not a move to be undertaken lightly. It was an extremely difficult decision that could unfortunately result in hard feelings and strained personal relations. “We lose half our friends and family,” she said.

When Bolling asked her about the specific issues and concerns that brought her to the Republican party, Matory said that economic issues were a major reason for her switch to the GOP. The Democrats’ focus on identity politics takes away from our citizenship, noted Matory, whose family tree includes several generations of military officers. She added that as a Catholic, the fact that the Democrats started pushing late term abortions was the last straw.

As far as the immigration issue is concerned, Matory said that downplaying the illegality of illegal entrants to our country by the Democrats threatens the value of our citizenship as well. An ongoing influx of new inhabitants has inundated D.C., Baltimore City and Baltimore County and overrun our system in the black community. “People don’t like to talk about it, but it’s true,” she noted.




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