2023 has been a great year for your Maryland Republican Party.

We brought in dynamic new leadership and staff, and spent the year implementing new technologies and strategies to spread our message, register and reach voters, raise funds, and win elections.  We have gathered frequently for events all across our state, strengthened bonds between conservative groups, developed new networks for connecting with minority voters that we have previously not reached, and raised money and awareness for countless organizations, candidates, and causes.  We even won major victories in Democrat strongholds like Salisbury and Bowie to bring desperately needed conservative leadership to cities and municipalities that have never had it before.

As we head into a new year –a major election year– the groundwork has been laid for a big 2024.  Your party is prepared to spread our common-sense conservative message to citizens across the state, support a slate of strong candidates, get voters to the polls, and win.

With that said, of course, the coming year will not be without its challenges.  At the state level we are facing a Maryland General Assembly session that will almost surely bring proposals for tax increases and one of the most radically liberal legislative agendas in the history of the body.  At the federal level, President Biden is going to continue to put Americans through his disastrous economic, international, and immigration policies while the mainstream media works overtime to convince the public that he’s doing a great job in advance of the election.  And in November, we are going to be faced with the high Democrat turnout that is typically associated with a Presidential election year.

For all of these reasons, we have to be ready to put our foot on the gas as soon as the calendars turnover into 2024.  We have the infrastructure in place, and the public is hungry for real conservative leadership, but we have to execute if we are going to fight back against these liberal policies and win in November.

Nicole Beus Harris

Maryland GOP Chair

Montgomery County Republican Party